Summary of principal Deemed Contract Terms

General Deemed Contract Rate Customer

Our deemed contract terms and rates generally apply to situations where a

  • Customer moves into the a new premise where we already supply electricity and continuous
    to supply without entering into a contract or;
  • Where the site or premise is unoccupied and the owner becomes responsible for the supply.
Duration of the Deemed Contract Rate

The deemed rate terms shall continue so long as the customer continuous to take electricity from us
until they enter into a fixed term contract with us or appoints and is transferred to another supplier.

  • We will not charge any termination fee while on a deemed contract
  • There is no fixed term period for a deemed contract
  • We do not require any notice for you to transfer to another supplier while on this rate.
Deemed Contract Charges and Costs

The charges and costs we ask you to pay consists of a number different elements including (but not
limited to) the purchase of electricity, distribution and transmission costs, feed in tariffs, renewable
obligations charges, LECs, capacity and excess capacity charges, reactive power charges, Triad
charges, equipment charges, tolerance charges, late payment and interest charges, standing
charges, EMR/ CFD charges, national grid charges and other charges and pass through charges. Some
of these charges may vary, fluctuate or change from time to time and our office can provide further
details. Contact details are provided at the end of this document.

  • The deemed contract charges and costs are higher than on fixed term contract rates agreed
    with us.
  • Notwithstanding the above we will take reasonable steps to ensure the charges and costs
    we apply are competitive and take into account our cost of purchase, supply and delivery to
    the customer and our profit margins.
  • We will end supply if payment of bill is not made on time, charge interest and/ or refer to
    third party for collection at our discretion.
  • We can require a security deposit in order to supply electricity to you at any stage of supply
Other Contracts we Offer

Besides the deemed rates which are considerably expensive we offer fixed term contract (subject to
agreement) which may be cheaper than the deemed contract rates. Should you require further
information please do not hesitate to contact at: MA Energy Ltd, Unit 45 Skyline, Business Village,
Limeharbour, London E14 9TS, Tel: 033 33 44 55 12.

We may change these terms without advance notice.

Date: 29th April 2015