Summary of principal Out Of Contract Terms

Out of Contract Terms Explained

This summary applies to customers on our out of contract terms and rates that usually applies when
a fixed term contract ends and/ or when:

  •  The customer has sent us a valid notice before the deadline to prevent renewal of the
    contract but has not transferred to another supplier or;
  •  Where the current fixed term ends and we have not offered any fixed term contract offers
    and we continue to supply you with electricity and;
  •  We may also charge out of contract rates to customers with poor credit rating (subject to
    terms and conditions).

The out of contract terms and rates shall continue so long as the customer continuous to take
electricity from us until they enter into a fixed term contract with us or successfully transfers to
another supplier. We confirm :

  • We will not charge any termination fee while on our out of contract terms
  • There is no fixed term period on our out of contract terms
  • We do not require any notice for you to transfer to another supplier while on this rate.

Out of Contract Charges/Costs

The charges and costs we ask you to pay consists of a number different elements including (but not
limited to) the purchase of electricity, distribution and transmission costs, feed in tariffs, renewable
obligations charges, LECs, capacity and excess capacity charges, reactive power charges, Triad
charges, equipment charges, tolerance charges, late payment and interest charges, standing
charges, EMR/ CFD charges, national grid charges and other charges and pass through costs. Our
charges and costs may change, vary or fluctuate from time to time due to a range of factors. Further details please contact our office as set out below. 

Our current out of contract rate is 18.6ppkwh for Non-Half-Hourly customers, for Half Hourly customers the out of contract- day rate is currently 22.2ppkwh and night rate is 18.6ppkwh. The standing charge is £2 per day for Non-Half-Hourly customers and £3 per day for Half-Hourly customers.

Our out of contract rates: (applicable from 1st Oct 2021)


Day 38.2
Night 33.6
Kva £3
Standing Charge £3


Day 37.6
Night 37.6
Standing Charge £2

Other charges also apply as highlighted above. We may revise these charges from time
to time without notice.

Customers are strongly advised to contact our office for the latest out of contract rates applicableto them.

Other Information
  • Out of contract charges/costs are considerably higher than fixed term contract rates.
  • We may end supply if payment of bill is not made on time, charge interest and/ or refer to
    third party for collection at our discretion
  • We can require a security deposit in order to supply electricity to you at any stage of supply
  • Where the customer is a micro business customer we will not charge out of contract rates
    until 21 days after the expiry of fixed term contract termination date.
Other Contracts that maybe available – subject to agreement

Out of contracts are usually considerably expensive than fixed term contracts. We therefore
recommend customers to negotiate fixed term contracts with us (subject to agreement by us) or
with another supplier. If you require further information you can contact us at: MA Energy Ltd, Unit
45 Skyline Business Village, Limeharbour, London E14 9TS, Tel: 033 33 44 55 12. We may change
these terms without advance notice.
Date: 24th May 2021