Standards of Conduct and Treating Customers Fairly
Annual Review of Designated Activities 2020




We have had a busy 12 months particularly where we had to make adjustments to cope with the lockdown as a result of COVID 19. In making the adjustments we have focused on customer care as a priority and managed our business fully without any disruption to our customers’ supplies, even though we are mainly working remotely since the lockdown from March 2020.


Communication regarding Billing or Contractual Information:

At MA Energy we believe that good, clear and helpful communication is key to our customer satisfaction. On the rare occasions that one of our customers feels they need to raise an issue or complaint we make it as easy and straightforward for them to do so.


Accuracy of Billing:

During the past 12 months MA Energy has had zero instances of having to re-bill an invoice due to inaccuracies within our systems. Where re-bills have had to be undertaken this has been due to inaccurate information being supplied to us or circumstances being changed that we were not aware of.


Customer Issues:

During the last year MA Energy has received no customer complaints via Ofgem or the Ombudsman. Any smaller issues that have been raised directly to us have in cases been resolved to the satisfaction of the customer with the quickest resolution time possible. 


Time Frame for Receiving and Payment of Bills:

At the point of sale the payment period of invoices is agreed with the prospective customer. This is normally 10 working days, but along with our prices can be bespoke to best suit the benefits of both MA Energy and the customer.  Following the COVID 19 lockdown some customers have cancelled their direct debits and some others have delayed their payments. We understand the difficulties everyone is facing and are working with individual customers to support and resolve issues as we can. 


Customer Transfers:

Throughout the year many new customers have agreed contracts to be supplied by MA Energy and equally some existing customers have decided to move their supplies elsewhere. Whether gaining new customers or losing existing customers we pride ourselves in making the whole process as smooth for the customer as possible. If on occasions we have to object to a supply leaving MA Energy we are mindful of our duties and assist in ensuring the issues around any objections are resolved as efficiently as possible.


Deemed Contract Matters:

Our Deemed contract and out of contract rates are set out in our relevant principle terms which are available on our website. When there is a change of tenancy we inform our ‘new’ customers of the relevant information and offer them fixed rate terms which are generally cheaper than the deemed rates. In the last 12 months we have had a number of customers on deemed contract rates for various periods depending on their circumstances.


Version: Provisional 22nd August 2020

Published: September 2020