Statement on Site Visits and Inspections


From time to time we would need to visit and inspect sites for reasons we have set out in our customer terms and conditions (for example, we are required to carry out such a visit by a regulator).

What you can expect from us:

When a site visit or inspection is carried out we will ensure, as reasonably possible, anyone who makes a site visit or inspection on our behalf:

•       Will have the necessary skills for the task and is fit for that task;

•       They will provide identification of who he/she is and the organisation they are from;

•       If any special arrangement has been agreed in advance with you they will follow them during the visit/ inspection;

•       Reasonable efforts will be made to follow any relevant Code such as the Smart Meter Installation Code of Practice where it applies to us (in relation to Micro Business Consumer) and;

•        The person will be able to provide basic contact details, if requested, for further information about the supply of electricity.

Third Party Agents:

Where a site visit or inspection is carried out by a third party agent we will take reasonable steps to ensure they meet the above points.

M A Energy Ltd